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We are so glad you stopped by to visit our website! 

We hope you find all kinds of meals and recipes that interest you. Whether you are looking for family healthy meals, friendly recipe ideas, or gourmet desserts, we have got a few that you might like! 

We created SosRecipes to share our love of home cooking. Through this website we share our beloved family recipes, create new recipes, photograph, and review some old one’s. The heart of SosRecipes is our eternal love of home cooking. We believe that cooking can bring a sense of peace and joy to everyone’s life. And We wanted to share this huge joy with others, with all the details that will make each recipe successful.

All our recipes are tested, tasted, refined, edited, and photographed before being published on our website. We do our best to incorporate the best advice from experts, celebrity cooks and grand mothers’s secrets to make great recipes easier, and good recipes more delicious. 

We feel infinitely blessed to have loyal readers and visitors like you, and we hope that what you find here will help you to create great and delicious recipes that will make you proud.

Thank you a lot for reading our recipes, and for your feedback. Please don’t stop doing either one.

 I love to hear from you! 

Happy cooking!