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Welcome to sos recipes which presents the best Categories, our delicious and easy to make casserole recipes that are perfect for any meal! From savory dinners to sweet breakfasts, we have a wide variety of casseroles that will satisfy your taste buds.

Best Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Although the best pasta dishes are almost all Italian, this creamy chicken spaghetti recipe is strong competition, with some Tex Mex influence that takes it to some new heights.The sauce is made up of some delicious cream chicken soup, salsa, and sour cream, added to the pasta and cooked chicken, then coated with some Mexican …

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Potatoes Romanoff

Potatoes Romanoff If you order steakhouse potatoes whenever you take a steak, this one’s for you .We all adore loaded baked potatoes in my family. These are the absolute best. Opening a steamy baked potato, fluffing it, and just seeing cheese, the sour cream, and butter melt inside makes you drool. How To Make Potatoes …

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For Printable Recipe Card, Please Scroll to the Bottom. CROCK POT CUBE STEAK RECIPE We all want to feed our families healthy, nutritious and delicious food without breaking the bank. It is important for growing kids to eat their protein but some cuts of meat can be quite expensive. In comes cubed steak. We sometimes …



For Printable Recipe Card, Please Scroll to the Bottom. BAKED ZITI RECIPE Can you think of anything better than a hot, cheesy baked pasta dish with tomato sauce and sausage? It makes my mouth water just thinking of the smell in my kitchen.  Everybody loves a great baked pasta recipe, but they can take a …

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